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Cornerstone is a leader in developing evidence-based market access solutions. Our skills have been honed in Canada – one of the world’s most restrictive reimbursement markets – and have been applied to a wide range of programs supporting pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the globe.

Founded in 2005, Cornerstone initially focused on health economics research with an emphasis on global cost-effectiveness models and Canadian reimbursement submissions. Since that time, we have grown and evolved into a full-service market access strategy, research, and communication company. Our scope of services has expanded both in response to the needs of our clients and to the growing importance that market access plays in the commercial success of health care products.

Cornerstone’s objective is simple: we seek to Identify, Demonstrate, and Communicate the value of health care products in order to maximize their market success. Our approaches and methods are continually evolving to reflect ongoing changes in the marketplace. Still, our core skill set remains the same, having:

  • Broad experience to see the big picture
  • The technical ability to develop the evidence
  • Strategic communication skills to ensure that the evidence makes a maximum impact with payers
  • The perseverance to make it all happen.

From our inception, Cornerstone has had a particular focus on the simple and effective communication of health economic and outcomes research to all stakeholders, regardless of technical expertise. This practice ensures that the full value of our client’s product is understood not only by payers and HTA agencies, but also by clinicians, patients, and internal commercial teams.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and our ability to achieve results. Find out more about How We Help.

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