Subject/Therapeutic Area: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases

Journal/Conference: Journal of Medical Economics (2016)

Hospital costs associated with thyroidectomy performed with a Harmonic device compared to conventional techniques: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Author: Cheng H, Soleas IM, Ferko NC, Cameron CG, Clymer JW, Amaral JF


Subject/Therapeutic Area: Cardiovascular

Journal/Conference: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions (2016)

Cost-effectiveness of percutaneous coronary intervention with cobalt-chromium everolimus eluting stents versus bare metal stents: Results from a patient level meta-analysis of randomized trials.

Author: Ferko N, Ferrante G, Hasegawa JT, Schikorr T, Soleas IM, Hernandez JB, Sabate M, Kaiser C, Brugaletta S, de la Torre Hernandez JM, Galatius S, Cequier A, Eberli F, de Belder A, Serruys PW, Valgimigli M


Subject/Therapeutic Area: Other

Journal/Conference: Breast Cancer - Targets and Therapy (2016)

A systematic review and meta-analysis of Harmonic technology compared with conventional techniques in mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery with lymphadenectomy for breast cancer.

Author: Cheng H, Clymer JW, Ferko NC, Patel L, Soleas IM, Cameron CG, Hinoul P


Subject/Therapeutic Area: Oncology

Journal/Conference: Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology (2016)

Canadian cost analysis comparing maintenance therapy with bortezomib versus lenalidomide for patients with multiple myeloma post autologous stem cell transplant.

Author: LeBlanc R, Hollmann S, Tay J


Subject/Therapeutic Area: Other

Journal/Conference: ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting Washington DC, USA (2016)

Network meta‐analysis using data from distributed health data networks: A general framework based on an application assessing acute myocardial infarction in association with use of anti‐diabetic agents.

Author: Cameron C, Fireman B, Wells G, Clifford T, Coyle D, Toh D


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